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Kiwi Group A / S was established in 1991 with the aim to install and operate candy machines in retail stores, businesses and public educational institutions.

In 2004 the current management took over the company and has since developed it to include three business areas: Vending, Trading and Retail.

Kiwi Vending

Kiwi Vending was established in 1991. Today Kiwi Vending operates around 10.000 small vending machines (candy, toys and entertainment) in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Purchases are made at coin-operated vending machines. The machines are serviced by partners, franchisees and our own staff.

Kiwi Vending also supplies refrigerated vending machines in several countries with top branded products: chocolates, sweets and confectionary.

Kiwi Trading

Kiwi Trading House was established in 2007 and is a global distributor that mainly sells FMCG products, including chocolate, confectionery, soft drinks, beers, coffee, etc. worldwide.

We operate in more than 40 countries globally.

Kiwi Retail

Kiwi Retail was established in 2012 and today operates as a total supplier of confectionery, soft drinks and other impulse related FMCG products for non-food chains in Scandinavia. With the development of the concept SweetSpot™ Kiwi Retail seeks to optimize, manage and renew chains impulse sales, so that the retailers can focus on their core business.

Today SweetSpot™ service more than 900 nonfood retail stores in the Nordics.



At Kiwi Vending we sell, set up and operate candy and toy vending machines throughout the Nordic countries and Germany.


If you want to learn more about the business opportunities of setting up candy or toy vending machines and being supplied by various vending machine products, please contact us.


Today Kiwi Vending services more than 10,000 machines in Scandinavia and Germany. The content of the vending machines are changed regularly so that they always appear inviting and eye-catching.


You can also buy your own confectionary vending machine for private use, see



Kiwi Group A/S was established in 1991 and has been distributing FMCG and confectionary worldwide since 2007. Our focus is to develop “odd segments” and identify “hard-to-reach” markets and customers. Our core business is aimed towards top branded products & FMCG, such as chocolate and confectionary; soft drinks; beers; liquors; toiletries and consumer electronics. We mainly deal directly with the brand owners, and new trade lines are constantly sought and expanded!


KIWI Trading has been distributing FMCG and confectionary worldwide for many years, and our focus is on developing “odd segments” and identifying “hard to reach” markets and customers, e.g. China and Africa. Our product portfolio and market coverage changes according to demand and opportunities.


Our key values are:

– Long-term customer relationships

– Personal contact with suppliers and customers

– Partnership based on trust and loyalty.

What can we do for you?


On a daily basis, we are arranging logistic handling of orders (consolidated and non-consolidated) for our many partners. Therefore, you can consider KIWI GROUP A/S as a full-service provider, who can offer and assist you with the full-service package – from making of quotes, to delivery of goods at any destination worldwide at your preference!


  • We offer TOP brands / FMCG at competetive prices


  • We accomodate individual requirements and customized offers & services


  • We offer full-service solutions and transportation by either Road, Sea and/or Air


  • Consolidation of orders from various brands /products (from several independent suppliers)


  • All possible documents (B/L,  SWB, AWB, EUR1, COO, Health Certificate, Packing lists, Delivery notes, Commercial Invoice, etc.)


  • Warehouse logistics & inspection reports covering pictures of pallets, cartons, items, production and expire dates (BBD’s)


  • Pictures covering: Pictures of pallets, cartons, BBD’s, loadings step by step, partially loaded containers, packed containers, pre- and post containerclosing, container number, container SEAL, etc.

We Service


  • Europe: Scandinavia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe


  • Baltics: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia Uzbekistan, Azerbaijanm, Kazakhstan


  • MENA: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Marocco, Palestine, Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, U.A.E.


  • Asia: Hong Kong, Mainland China, South Korea, Inda, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar


  • United States & Africa




  • Military and diplomatic facilities
  • Border shops
  • Travel retail / Tax free (ITR)
  • Mini-markets
  • Convenience stores
  • Kiosks
  • Cash and carry
  • Grey and markets
  • Beyond grocery
  • Hard-to-reach segments and special distribution channels

Full-service solution partner

  • Experts in global distribution – We know our way around!


  • A safe trading platform – More than 25 years of trade experience


  • More than 25 years of experience in purchasing, sales, freight and logistics


  • Committed to our clients – We walk the extra mile!


  • A trustworthy and loyal partner – No “hit & run” business


  • Easy contact – We are always available 24/7/365


  • Close on-going dialogue and quick replies!

Director & President Mr. Kim Soya & his team welcomes everyone worldwide!



Grusbakken 20 / Nybrovej 93

2820 Gentofte

DK – Denmark

+45 3961 7600




With more than 25 years of experience in impulse sales products Kiwi Group is able to offer its non-food customers a total solution that makes it easy and profitable to optimize this part of their business so that their stores can focus on the core business.

Delivering an optimal Sweet Spot™ solution requires:

  • Knowledge of confectionery, beverages and impulse products
  • Knowledge of the countries in which the store is located
  • Knowledge of the stores, their customers and customer-flow
  • Knowledge of the size of the store, its conditions and staff capabilities 
  • Access to the best-selling products
  • Access to competitive prices
  • Experience and knowledge of product composition and placement
  • Experience and knowledge of visual display effects
  • Experience and knowledge of promotional campaigns.
  • Handling large amount of data (Data Mining)
  • Close dialogue and cooperation with each store


Contact us today – so you also can tick off the following:
  • Higher Sales
  • Higher Earnings
  • Less Handling
  • More Focus on Core Business

SweetSpot™  – How to increase your turnover and profit

  • SweetSpot™ Concept

    SweetSpot is a shop-in-shop solution for all Non Food Stores. Its aim is to create increased sales and profit to the store without effecting the the stores core business. Products like confectionery and soft drinks are well suited for this - but require:
    1. The right product mix,
    2. The right prices and timing (seasonal and promotional campaigns).
    3. Nice and eye catching presentation in the store
    4. Optimal logistics and warehouse management
    5. Ongoing data mining, evaluation, analyzes and benchmark
    Our experience is that between a bad and a good impulse execution there is a improvement span of at least 30-50%.

  • SweetSpot Design

    The right instore solution and the use of Space Management typically increases sales by 20% - 30%. A SweetSpot instore solution typically includes:
    • Eye-catching shelves, displays and coolers
    • Illuminated products and clear visibility
    • Clear and simple communication (prices and special offers)
    • Shelf dividers (no product boxes)
    • Optimized product spacing based on analytical data, store size and customer base
    • Optimization of point of sales

  • SweetSpot Optimizer

    One of the cornerstones of the SweetSpot™ concept, is our Data Mining Programme called OptimiZer™ in which we automatically monitor and analyze the performance of each store. OptimiZer™ include the following data:
    • Spaceman (planograms)
    • Nielsen data
    • Store data and customer profiles
    • Sales data from stores
    • Turnover ratio
    • Customer flow analysis
    • Forecasting & Inventory Management
    This means that  we continuously can readjust each assortment and benchmark shops against each other. Our experienced optimization effect lies between 15% - 20%.


In order to operate successfully in all the Nordic countries it requires knowledge and understanding of the differences between each of the countries –  according to:

Preferences, Tastes and Habits

Duty, VAT and Taxes (incl. Sugar Tax)

Legal Requirements

Logistical, Geographical and Climatic Conditions

We service the Nordic market from our Nordic Call Center.



We are always looking for talented sales managers – send your unsolicited application today and you might become a part of an high-performance team which values team spirit and humor.

You get:

An exiting sales job in a dynamic and cheerful environment in a medium-sized, consolidated, Danish-owned company that has a European and international focus. You must be independent and flexible.

Your responsibility and tasks as sales manager:

Responsibilities and tasks:

  • Independent sales, outgoing sales will be customers, KAM – and in cooperation with Sales Director plan and implement sales and sales strategies
  • Make calculations and after-calculations
  • Compile and send offers
  • Receive offers, calculate and re-send
  • Contact customers and suppliers – pr. mail and telephone
  • Attendance at worldwide exhibition to meet and accumulate customers & suppliers
  • Negotiate prices, agreements, annual agreements, Share offers, etc.
  • Compile sales presentations, offers and templates
  • Quotation and follow-up, including update of sales database etc.
  • Serving and selling to existing customers as well as finding and establishing new customers
  • Ensure ongoing positive dialogue with our suppliers



Kim Soya
Executive Vice President, CSO & COO
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Head Of Sales & Purchasing
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Jr. Sales Manager
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Freight & Logistics Manager | Order Controller
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